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  • Emergency Helpline : 999
  • RMP Control Room : 01320063998
  • RMP Control Room Inspector : 01320063999

The jurisdiction of Rajshahi Metropolitan Police covers the total areas under Rajshahi City Corporation, a portion of Katakhlai and Nowhata municipalities, parts of Horian, Parila, Horipur, Damkura, Borogachi unions under Poba upazila including some partial areas of Yousuf Union under Charghat Upazila. A total land area of 472 KMs circumscribes the Rajshahi metropolitan followed by a population of 10,10, 020. Puthia and Charghat Police stations are in the east, Poba police station is in the south-west direction and the frontier of West Bengal of India is to the South of Rajshahi Metropolitan.