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  • Emergency Helpline : 999
  • RMP Control Room : 01320063998
  • RMP Control Room Inspector : 01320063999
Traffic Management

The Traffic Division of Rajshahi Metropolitan Police has been entrusted to ensure smooth flow of traffic in Rajshahi city since the Division came into being in 1992. Traffic Division of RMP is headed by Additional Police Commissioner (Traffic) who is assisted by Deputy Police Commissioner (Traffic), Additional Deputy Police Commissioner (Traffic) and AC (Traffic) under direct supervision of the respected Police Commissioner. The entire traffic duty is monitored from Traffic Control room to reduce traffic congestion of the city.

The traffic Division also works diligently and efficiently in close collaboration with the Ministry of Communication, Rajshahi City Corporation (RCC), Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) and other concerned authorities.


The following are services which the traffic division provides:

  • To ensure smooth traffic in Rajshahi City
  • To ensure the Security of VIP &VVIP movement
  • Awareness building about traffic rules, safe driving and road safety among the citizens
  • To provide traffic clearance
  • To resolve traffic cases
Work force of Traffic:
SL. Designation Number
1. Additional Deputy Police Commissioner (Traffic) 01
2. Deputy Police Commissioner (Traffic) 01
3. Assistance Police Commissioner (Traffic) 01
4. Traffic Inspector 05
5. Sergeant 26
6. Town sub inspector (TSI) 02
7. Assistance sub inspector (UB) 01
8. Assistance Town sub inspector ( ATSI ) 10
9. Nayek (NK) 01
10. Constable 154

Emergency phone: +8802588851014